February 22, 2006

ATC - Red Kimono Triptych

ATC Kimono:
ATC - "Red Kimono Triptych"

This is another card that that opens to three sections made with patterned silk on the outside and solid silk on the inside. I added a pair of 'zorries' that is a common shoe worn in the Orient. I remember wearing different colored zorries that were rubber as sandals before 'flip-flops' became popular.

ATC - "Kimono Triptych"

This card actually opens to three sections and can stand by itself. It is made with patterned silk fabric on the outside and solid colored silk fabric on the inside. Yes, I know, kimonos don't have bows on the front (or anywhere) but coming up with a pattern for the Obi-sash is confusing, at best. I found a site on the internet that teaches you how to tie the obie the original way, but there is supposed to be a belt that is put on first, and then you wrap the sash and loop it in the back and then you grab the excess fabric and cover that with the sash and loop that around and then... I think you get my point.

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