March 10, 2006

God In Disguise Pin/Necklace For a Friend

"God In Disguise" - clay, beads, findings
Collection of Karen From
I made this pin for a dear friend after we had not been able to see each other for several weeks due to my busy schedule. I wanted to make her something to show that I had been thinking about her, so I came up with 'God In Disguise'. It is a large pendant in rich warm browns, coppers and golds. In starting this job, I remembered old commercials on television about 'Don't fool with Mother Nature' and wanted to protray my own views on what God looks like to me. I see him/her everywhere I go and put the commercial and my beliefs together in a piece of jewelry. It soon blossomed into more art...

"God In Disguise 2" - clay, beads, findings
Collection of Charlotte Ray
This pin in hues of a garden in Fall was made after the first God pin. I wanted to work on a smaller scale and found this was a challenge in and of itself. I am enjoying working on such a small scale but it can be frustrating when I am all thumbs and not enough fingers to hold pieces together...

1 comment:

altermyworld said...

These pins are fabulouso...Working in small pieces are just my cup of tea.

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