January 24, 2009

Houston Marathon January 2009

What a great day! The 1st picture is of Scott seconds before he crossed the finish line, he stopped to kiss his wife and my niece, Mimi, and those are my hands applauding his valiant efforts. There was loud music and great crowds to cheer
the runners, it was all so exciting!

Scott ran the Houston Marathon on 19 January 2009 in 6 hours even though he had pulled a muscle. I flew in my daughter Shannon so she could travel to Houston with me to see him run the race and we met his wife and kids and parents and my other niece Kitty and her family and AC's son, David. The weather was perfect in the low 70's even though that was pretty hot for Scott to have to run in.

After he had run the race, we met him inside the George R. Brown Convention Center where he presented me with his medal. I was so touched I cried like a baby. It was such a moving experience, I will never forget it or his dedication to run this race in AC's honor.

Scott attended a dinner with the local Leukemia/Lymphoma Society the night before where they told him the donations in AC's name equaled 1/3 of the grand total of money raised of their chapter! Woot!

Scott ended up taking an ice-cold bath to help heal his muscles after the race. I had never heard of this technique before and can't imagine it being pleasant.

I am so proud of you, Scott!
I can't wait to be in the crowds cheering you on in 2010!


roc said...

what a wonderful story lisa. i would have cried too. how nice of scott!

Anonymous said...

Oh myyyyy....I should have tried the ice in the tube myself....but, I would take a HOT bath and then ice up.
You go Scott....job well done!
Peace, Dar

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