September 14, 2009

Exciting News!

I am so excited - 'Delicious Art' (a new artsy gift shop next to The Cottage) is going to be the exclusive seller of my altered necklaces! They also asked for my canvas work to sell in the shop and to show at The Cottage AND they asked me to teach two classes - acrylics and mixed media painting.  I am going to work hard at making more mixed media canvas paintings and altered necklaces.  I am not sure what days to teach knowing my daughter Shannon is due to have her baby the first week in October, but I am already working out a teaching plan.  This is so much fun!
Here are more necklaces I have made:

"Bug Lady" - Necklace
Made with a metal disc, royalty free clip art, 
ladybug charm, bee charm, star charm, beads, 
Diamond Glaze

"MardiGras" - Necklace
Brass label holder, royalty-free clip art,
beads, wire, pens, acrylics,
Diamond Glaze, silk cord.

"Pink Lady" - Necklace
Hand painted with acrylics on watercolor paper,
pens, metal disc, mini domino, beads, wire,
silk cord, Diamond Glaze


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

How exciting! You definitely deserve it. Congrats!

LuvLoz said...

Congratulations! I'm sure the necklaces will sell well, they look lovely.

PurpleRealm said...

Fantastic news hon! You shall rock that little craft shop! Im just loving all of your necklaces, awesome. Big Hugs

Crystal Hinkel said...

Wow good for you Aunt Lisa. I'm sure this makes you very happy. Congratulations.

James and I want some of your paintings SO BAD, I'm sure one day we will get one.

We Love you

Crystal and James

barefootchef said...

Beautiful work as always!

roc said...

congratulations lisa. that is very exciting news for you! your artwork is really awesome!

Benjamin Beowulf said...

Beautiful! You are an amazing woman and I miss you terribly. I am so happy for you getting not only a gallery to show your wonderful pieces but you get to share your skills with others. I do wonder though if M&M's are part of the teaching method?

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