October 29, 2010

Art Show 11 November 2010 at Gallery House, Alexandria, Louisiana

Gallery House is having their Fall "Louisiana Artists Show" on 11 November 2010.  I finished these two angels and am submitting them along with the queen series I completed.  The one in red/green is "Seek Ye First" and the white/gold is "Peace I Leave With You".

They are both done in acrylics, pens, 16x20 inches.  I wrote out my feelings and experiences with angels on the wings of the "Peace..." and a favorite song on "Seek...".  Therapeutic and fun at the same time, what a concept!

I have a couple more angels to finish and will upload them when they are completed.   I love deadlines!


maybe said...

very good and cool,thank you for your sharing.

Electric Blue said...

They're lovely! My favorite is the one in white.

Shanti said...

Incredibly beautiful :)

jennalee said...

They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

Karen in Progress said...

Wow!!! You have some serious talent.

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