September 13, 2013

Summertime and the Living is Easy... at Lisa's Green Acres mini-ranch!

It's hot and humid as usual for September but that's okay, I've moved to the country (not really but it feels like it) where life is slower paced or at least will be when I finish unpacking.  I've moved from a  regular neighborhood close to everything to a 7 acre horse ranch, (which is even closer to everything) complete with paddock and 5 stall barn.  No, I'm not the horsey type, but I saw the house and barn and felt an overwhelming peace knowing two things - this is the house I will live in forever and I would turn the barn into a studio where I can teach.  The property is all grass but the neighborhood is entirely wooded so it has that woodsy feel to it, I'm in love!

I've seen and heard coyotes but they don't seem to be a threat, they are very shy and reclusive, so far.  That's a coyote, just to the right of the tree in the foreground, that I managed to take a pic of with my camera before he ran off.  I was awoken later that night to the sound of a deer being hurt/killed by one which froze me in my tracks.  I never want to hear that sound ever again.  Ever.


 I have stood up to a big ole' raccoon, nearly stepped on a garter snake, have a skunk as a regular nighttime visitor, and have more resident purple martins, bluebirds and woodpeckers than I have ever seen before and I've seen a lot because I'm old!

The property has a 10,000 gallon pond in the front that I have rescued from looking like a cesspool.  The hard work has paid off in spades!  There are now goldfish, minnows, tiny black catfish, a perch (how did he get in there?) and several water lily's that are blooming right now in every color I could find.  I am so happy here it almost feels like I won the lottery!



I finally found and unpacked my acrylics and wanted to share pictures of the stairway bannister that leads to my bedroom wing.  I decided to go with the oriental/Asian theme of my home and painted pink plum blossom branches.  I think it turned out great!

Hurry up and create art, we don't have much time!


Anonymous said...

LURV IT. I didn't know you had freaking catfish!!!!

buzzsolo said...

Lovely place, I am sure you will love living there. Living in the country even in close to town is wonderful. I've been doing it for years, enjoy.

Harini Babu said...

wow..wonderful places i like it very much
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