April 2, 2015

Owning a website is so FRUSTRATING!

You know those feelings you get when you've been working on your website for days, missing all the glorious weather outside, not talking to anyone, missing all the glorious weather outside, not getting enough sleep, getting aches and pains in strange places and you're about to put a gun to your head?  Yup, that's my life the last couple of days.


Learn from my mistake - it's not worth trying to tidy up a profile page when you only have a cell phone and got rid of the old house phone.  I switched hosting providers and was accidentally "flagged for security verification".  It has been a nightmare ever since.  I now have all my webpages linked again and a temporary Home page set up but learning a new hosting program (WordPress) with a new template editor (Divi with Elegant Themes) had a massive learning curve for me.

Tonight I am going to put my feet up, pop some popcorn and watch tv until the cows come home... or continue to learn web building all over again... because, after all, I do have suicidal tendencies, you know.

Image courtesy WickedWritingSkills.com

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