December 18, 2015

II Timothy Completed

The II Timothy Angel is Completed!

I had a great time working on this 3rd commission for a client.  The Philippians Angel was for her sister and she asked me to do two more paintings for her sister's two daughters.  I had finished the Matthew Angel and immediately went to work on the II Timothy Angel.

Phase I - I decided that since the two paintings were for sisters, I would make the two angels 'sisters'.  I made the dimensions the same and decided on a color scheme that would work alongside the Matthew Angel, which is always subject to change at this stage of the painting.

Phase II - Here the colors are marked as I try to balance and decide on which color will dominate while making sure the attention is on the face.  I also try to make the eyes on all my angels follow you as you move/walk past her, it makes you feel like she is looking out for you at all times.  I also makes sure everything is in correct perspective and start working on shadowing and color depth.

Complete!  Here they are side by side, ready to go to their new home.  They are like real-life sisters - they are the same but have totally different personalities.  The Matthew Angel (on the right) is more of a stained glass wings effect while I focused on making the II Timothy Angel (on the left) more Mardi Gras colors inspired.  The two (real-life) sisters are ready to start their new lives - one is in law school and the other is in grad school.  Now they will have these angels to watch over them with their favorite verses incorporated into their wings.  I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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