January 14, 2006

...The Mona Lisa is my Muse... My art is a large part of who I am...

My art is very important to me and I want to keep growing.  Please feel free to comment and leave your art sites so that I may do the same.  I really appreciate your visiting - come back soon!

"To study art is to study order, relative values, to get at fundamental constructive principles. It is the great study of the inside, not the outside of nature. Such a pursuit evokes justice, simplicity, and good health." The Art Spirit by Robert Henri

Visit "Lisa's Studio" at www.LisaBuchananStudio.com for pictures of paintings I have either sold or are currently working on!


Brandon Harlan said...

Hey Lisa. This is Brandon, Shannon's boyfriend. Your artwork rocks. I hope someday i can come to La. to finally meet yall. I would really like to take some art lessons from you to improve my skills.

Brandon Harlan

ArteDar said...

Hi Hon!! I sooooo enjoy looking at your art....it's sheer magic...LOVE IT ALL!!! You are really very very good....just amazing! Dar

ArteDar said...

Hi Hon....your art is sheer magic....you are VERY VERY GOOD...I love it all!!! AMAZING

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