November 3, 2006

Journal - My Grandmother - Journal Spread for Dar

"My Grandmother" - Journal Pages
Collection Darlene Mariano
For "ArteDar's" journal based on vintage collage, I decided to do a spread based on my maternal grandmother. There were quite a few skeletons in her closet, which I decided to share. She was born in 1898 in Nebraska. One of the skeletons was the fact that one of her "older sisters" was really her birth mother. Could have been quite the scandal in the town of York back then, but it was very hush-hush for obvious reasons. Grandma went on to practice Osteopathy and lived a very colorful life in Tacoma, Washington, Laguna Beach and Santa Ana, California. She taught me to sew and cook and make an awesome pie crust, no easy feat! I miss her to this day.

"African Memories" - Journal Pages

Collection of Jennifer Burns

I painted the elephants in acrylics and the story page is done with scrapbooking paper and added ephemera. I am in a Circle Journal group where each person's journal moves from person to person each month and we add a spread to their books. Jennifer's book is dedicated to Africa, where Jennifer spent a long time and fell in love with the country. I carried that theme and added the story about a memory I had of a rocking elephant my parents have in their home and what it meant to me. This spread was a total joy to create.

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