March 25, 2007

Journal - Fabric Honey's - Fabric Journal Cover

Fabric Journal Cover
I joined a new Round Robin for Fabric Journals. Our name for our specific group is "Fabric Honeys". We limited our sizes to 8x8 inches and have folks from as far away as England and Australia. My cover consists of fabric that is sewn in a picture and has felt interiors with buttonholes to attach each separate page's fabric ties. This is all so new to me! I haven't sewn in years, but I am loving (nearly) every minute!

"Sign In Page"
Fabric Journal
This is the page where all the different Artist's sign their name, much like a Table Of Contents. I used Fabric Paper and printed this out on my computer. I love this stuff! It is so cool - I plan on printing out tons of images on it.

"Title Page"
Fabric Journal
I used the Fabric Paper again to print out the clip art I found of an old treadle sewing machine. It is perfect for this page. I used ribbon to cover all my sewing machine mistakes, such as uneven bobbin tension, etc. I admit, it's been a while since I have sewn and it shows!

Fabric Journal
Collection of vwozniak at
My first official page for this group. I had a blast making this. It presented a lot of challenges, like working with pom-pom ribbon! It was very time consuming, but that was only because I didn't know what the heck I was doing! The girls in the group have been so helpful, answering all my questions and even gave me directions on how to use the glued-paper-backing stuff so you are literally glueing the pieces using an iron before you start all the sewing. Who knew? I didn't!!

"Stop and Smell The Roses"

Fabric Journal
Collection of Adriayna at
Adriayna's journal was round, which was a real challenge. She had included some vintage buttons to add to our pages for her journal. I loved sewing this page. I printed the winged cuties on fabric paper, cut them out, then adhered them with iron-on fusible backing, then attached all the other elements. Isn't it cute?

"Flower Babies"

Fabric Journal
Collection of Pippin at
I used the same technique with this page for Pippin. Printed out the images on fabric paper, fused them, then added stitching to all the elements to make sure they stayed attached.

Fabric Journal
Collection of Barefootchef at
I had some lace that once adorned my daughter's nightgown when she was little, so I decided to use it to trim up this adorable face.

"Artfest Slumber Party January 2007"
Fabric Journal
Collection of Seraphic at
I had a slumber party dedicated to art and a couple of my online friends came and stayed a long weekend at my house - Seraphic, ArteDar, and Sopranospirit. For 4 days all we did was paint, play, eat, got a little sleep, altered items, painted some more, spilled micro-beads, went shopping at Hobby Lobby, ate crawfish, pizza, slept a little more, ate bienets (sp?), and created until it was time for them to catch their planes. We talked by video chat with PurpleRealm, who lives in Perth, Australia every night so she could feel like she was participating. It was a hoot!


Kari said...

This is adorable, I also looked back at previous posts in your blog and love your tins.

You are a very versatile artist!

Great work.
Kari x

esther a.k.a. craftyvox said...

I love the kitty page!! I <3 everything kitty hehe. Very cool. I like those fabric pages, and will for sure try and keep up with the new felty fabric groups pages that just started on the forum.

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