March 6, 2007

Journal Spreads - My Angel, Tuscany Landscape and Woodland Fair Journal Spreads

Journal Spreads

"My Angel" Circle Journal Page
I loved painting this for Magpie. It is done in acrylics and was a true joy. I based this off an image in my head of what my personal guardian angel might look like. It went so quickly, I was almost sorry it was over.

"Tuscany Landscape" Circle Journal Page
This 8x8 inch piece was done in acrylics for Seraphic at I had several pictures from my trip to Italy with friends a couple of years ago. It was hard to pick which image to paint. Their scenery is so incredible!

"Woodland Fairy"
The theme of the journal was "Fantasy". It is 8x8 inches, done in acrylics after a children's book illustration for Amerasu at

"Woodland Fairy" Circle Journal Spread
This is the descriptive part of the spread on the left side.

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