July 25, 2008

Ode To Blogging

You know what? I am thoroughly enjoying getting back into the blog routine. As I attack this site with renewed interest, I am reading others' blogs as I add them to my list and it is fascinating, fun, and the art has been terrific. For the last couple of days I have read how to cook, who was juried into a show, who loves the color purple more than anyone I know, who is trying a new art technique and the list goes on. I consider these blogs a great way to get to know people on a more personal level, people I have "known" for 2 years now and would happily fly to meet them for a 'slumber party artfest' if given the chance. Talk about having your cake and eat it, too!
Ahh... life is good when you have friends.

1 comment:

Nicholas Khan said...

Perhaps this is just another cue I need to take from you.
My sister is usually my muse, yet lately I haven't been able to find any motivation. Which is why I haven't written page #1 on anything in over 2 months. Ok, maybe longer.
However, you in yourself are motivating...
Look at what you've created! How impressive is all of this?!
My mom rocks...

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