July 30, 2008

Off to MD Anderson...

It is official, we leave for MD Anderson on Thursday for labs, tests, and Dr. appointments all day Friday. I am packing for a longer trip, we have no idea if they will want to check him in or not, especially after they told us to stop the super drug he was on. I probably won't go online to my sites much the next couple of days. I don't seem to have much tolerance for people that are complaining about (to me) little things that are so insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Normally I would try to help them in whatever situation they were in, offer advice how to fix whatever, yada, yada, yada.
I have started a blog on wordpress to vent, no art, just typing. I started working on an art journal I have and the only colors I used were deep red and black and boy, was it ugly! Composition? Point of interest? Nope, I didn't feel better after doing the spread, so I decided I just need to type what is going on to myself, and if I want to cuss I can and no one will hear me or be offended. I'm pretty smart, eh? Well, I thought so at the time.

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