September 4, 2009

My Muse Is Back!

I am so happy to be creating again. I joined a pendant swap at, so I played around with different ideas. I am very pleased with the results and had a blast making them.

"Zetti Lady" - Pendant
Mini domino, metal disc, charms, beads, Diamond Glaze, royalty-free clipart, packaged for trade/sale

"Oriental Bliss" - Necklace
Brass Label Holder, royalty-free clipart, acrylics, beads, silk cord, charms

"Queen"- Necklace
Brass Label Holder, royalty-free clipart, acrylics, beads, velveteen ribbon, charms, Diamond Glaze

"Alice" - Necklace
Metal disc, tiny glass bottle, charms, royalty-free clipart, beads, silk cord, microbeads, acrylics, wire, Diamond Glaze

"Blue Lady" Pendant
Mini domino, metal disc, handrawn image with Prismacolors, beads, seashells, Diamond Glaze, Sharpies


Ashazart said...

These are very cool Lisa. I am glad you are finding yourself creating again.


Paben said...

These are just beautiful honey!Glad to see you creating again!I am on a little hiatus myself dealing with hubby's second round of hip replacement surgeries!His left hip bone had to be rebuilt through grafting,but each day he is improving and getting around better!I still think of you often!I am busy being nurse,cook and Maid,but plan on delving back into art soon!

katilady said...

congrats on the return of your muse! these are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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Artsy Gemini said...

OMG...........your art is amazing as always girlfriend! I love it all...........

Bevie said...

How wonderful you have been asked to show your art with 'Delicious Art' what an honor and I'm sure you are so excited...I love the kitty neclace...very kewl..all of them!!!


Daniel Peci said...

melikes the blue lady:)

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