June 24, 2011

Art Show - 30 June 2011 at Gallery House, Alexandria, Louisiana

Glenda from the gallery just called:  I'm in a show she's having THIS Thursday night so I have what, 5 days?  I haven't touched a brush since I started working 6 weeks ago... sigh.  She also told me that Frances is doing 5 television commercials and to keep a lookout because I will be one of the featured artists.  I don't even remember which local cable station she works on but I can look it up easily enough.  All that keeps running through my head is panic-I-can-do-this-panic-don't-sweat-the-small-stuff-panic-panic-this-might-end-up-being-okay-yeah-right-panic-panic...   
I think I will quit biting my nails worrying about it... and just do it!  Smaller pieces should be okay.  I can't wait to see what the other artists will be producing.  Hot diggity dog, another show!


sometomato said...

Oh, Lisa! How wonderful! You can do it, woman! Small pieces should be OK, and I would bet you have some around already. Framing is always my issue on these occasions. GO FOR IT!
Kate (ssometomato)

Melanie said...

Thanks, nice blog

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