February 15, 2012

"Saint Hermenegildo" by Corrado Giaquinto

I am working on a large (to me) painting trying to improve my skills.  I decided to copy a piece I saw when my museum had an exhibit called "Heart of Spain" several years ago.  I fell in love with "Saint Hermenegildo" by Corrado Giaquinto.  I have been studying the works of the old masters and when I read that all of them would copy other artists' works when they were starting out, I decided to do the same.  If it's good enough for the masters then I should follow in their footsteps, relatively speaking, of course.  There is someone that has been giving me inspiration, I am having so much fun!
art gallery painting
Stage 1 - Roughed in the major areas, always checking placement

Stage 2 - Start filling in major blocks of color
Stage 3 - Adding more blocks of color
Stage 3 - Close up

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