July 31, 2012

Summer - July Update

Life is good, fun, and hard at the same time...
- I am working on several paintings at the same time, trying to decide which painting to enter in each of the shows I'm entering in the Fall.
- I have traveled a little this Summer, no where exotic, but it felt good to be back in Oklahoma City again and the trips to New Orleans were a blast!  Looking forward to seeing a new grand-baby in Houston next month and Oklahoma City in September around my Dad's passing anniversary with my Mom and sister.
- Family is hard work but I know it will be worth it in the end.
Soon enough Fall will bring cooler temperatures, more rain, and a busier life.  I think I'll just enjoy the Summer for what it is... hot, humid, and long.  That's okay, change will be a-coming!


ArteDar said...

This is wonderful news Lisa...you know I wish the very best for you and prayed you would be happy again some day. Retirement has made me way too lazy, but I love doing whatever whenever! I'll be watching for the art you get finished...I adore what you do and love you even more.
Much Peace and Love, Dar XO

purplecat said...

So pleased for you Lisa, you deserve to be happy, many blessings, Karen x

Anonymous said...

Look forward to browsing your art in the future, I wish you happiness.

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