January 16, 2013

My Beautiful Mom...

My mother, Peg Howard, is now at peace and out of pain.  I imagine her up in Heaven with Dad, in her 24 year old body, surrounding herself with family members that passed before, happy as a lark.

She is responsible for all my artistic endeavors, singing, piano, my art passion.  She made sure I had voice and piano lessons and NEVER pushed me into going for dance or swim team (ohmygawdthankgoodness!).  I also appreciate that she understood that I wasn't and would never be a scholar.  Reading all day long?  Now that's a horse of a different color.  She and I loved to read, bio's, histories, and some fantasy's, always willing to share with me what she had just read.  Thank you for my passion for books, Mom.

Rodella (Peg) at 6 years old in 1933
Mom was a West Coast girl, had been a child actress, went to school alongside some celebrities such as Shirley Temple, played jazz piano like nobody's business, could substitute on a church organ, was a sewing, knitting and needlepoint workhorse.
 Dad & Mom after getting married in 1951
She loved her husband of nearly 60 years deeply, and raised 4 kids while moving twice every 3 years.  She was the perfect Marine Corp. wife, never complaining about his work but was thrilled when he retired.
The Marine Corp Ball with Uncle Dick & Aunt Jo at El Toro, California in 1972-3
Thank you, Mom, for always having a sympathetic ear when I needed one.  You listened and gave advice when asked, never pushing your views on anyone.  Well, okay, that's not completely true... you had your opinions but never vocalized them if it would hurt the other person.

I will miss the hours we spent talking old movie trivia... who was Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan in the M*A*S*H movie, not the tv series?  *cue 'Jeopardy' music*  Sally Kellerman!  Nope, we never got that right and always had to look it up.  Who is going to sit beside me on the piano now?  Who is going to look through all the old scrapbooks with me?  I guess I will have to pass these activities on to my kids, hopefully they will be as willing as I was to spend the time talking and remembering stuff like this when I get old(er).
Dad & Mom in Oklahoma City in 2008
Thank you for showing me what true love is, to stand by your man through thick and thin, always in it for the long haul.  You loved Dad so much and were an excellent example for me and my children.

Thank  you for all the hugs, the sympathy tears, for letting me be an only child for 4 years, for encouraging me in all walks of life, and for letting me think I was your favorite out of us 4 kids (a family joke).

I love you and will miss you.

P.S.  Say hi and give big hugs to Dad, Grandma, Gmom, Aunt Carolyn, Aunt Jo and the rest of the family for me, 'k?!


Helen Campbell said...

Your Mom sounds like a wonderful woman; you follow in her footsteps. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories. Sending prayers for you and your family.

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Like the old photos very much.

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