December 18, 2014

Miss Lisa's Dating Advice Column Created!

I've started an online Dating Advice Column!  I started sharing my dating woes over on FaceBook and because people were messaging me with their dating questions, I started a page to share with others.  It's been so much fun!  I decided to expand the audience and share the same column here.  If you have dating relationship questions, don't be shy, message me over here:

For those that have a question for me but are too afraid to ask:
- I always change your name to protect your privacy.
- I fix grammatical errors and punctuation, mainly to keep my OCD under control but also to keep the English teachers in our audience from throwing rotten tomatoes at me.
- No question is too hard, but if I do get stumped I'll throw it out to our readers who can share their own experiences as an example to help answer the questions.
- Message me with your questions/predicaments/horror stories!  We're here to help!

I look forward to seeing you online!

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