January 19, 2015

New Studio Is Organized Chaos!

It's true that most artists live in clutter up to their eyeballs because of all the supplies needed to quench their thirst for expression, but it's usually "organized chaos".  Since moving into my new place, most of my time has been spent working on the outside of the property, leaving the inside until it's too cold to work outside.  Well.... winter is here so I've been working on making my studio a place I desire to work in.  The mess was driving me nuts but I have good reasons!

I'm in the middle of sorting all the family pictures to my siblings after both my parents died and that takes up a huge chunk of studio space.  The northern light is so bright that I've had to move my work table off to the side instead of the windows with "the view".  But that's okay, my studio is finally workable.  Since the weather is freezing most days now, I've been able to spend a lot more time in here slapping paint around.  I'm still working on two paintings, started a child's chair project for my youngest granddaughter, and my grandson and I started painting a step stool for the kitchen.

The white cabinets were a great buy from my favorite store, Lowes - bathroom cabinets topped with a folding work table.  This room is smaller (and so is the closet) than the one I had at my old house, so I gave my jewelry-making roll around cart filled with all my supplies to my granddaughter since she expressed an interest in making jewelry.  That helped make space in my new studio.  It never seems to be big enough, even after paring down on my supply shopping which all artists seem to be addicted to!

It feels so good to be slapping paint around again!  Woot!  Woot!

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