November 19, 2015

Matthew Angel Commission - Stage 2

This is in the fine development stage of the 2nd angel of 3 that I'm working on.  I decided to go with a stained glass effect for her wings to set the bible verses on which are done in white and black.  I will cover them with more layers of paint or stain or whatever happens next!  The gown will definitely be mixed media but here I am playing with the colors to make sure I am balanced.  Her features are nearly done, I'm just tweaking them around at this point, then I can work on the hair.  I don't want to nitpick which I'm really good at, but that's a bad thing.  I'm trying to stay loose which also makes the process go by faster.  Being too detailed can use up hours of time, which is ridiculous when you look at the hours lost for a chin or hair strand, it's crazy!

I'm having too much fun!

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