July 31, 2008

Settled In At MD Anderson

We are all settled in at the hotel across the street from MD Anderson.  AC is sleeping and our appointments start tomorrow.  I will be shocked if they don't admit him, but I am old enough to know better than to forecast anything nowadays.

Our nephew who is running the Houston Marathon in AC's name has set up a blog to invite people to keep up with his training routine each day and I will keep him posted on AC's progress so he can post that there also for any donors that want to know how he is doing.
Here is Scott's Blog:


I have told him I will be cracking my whip to keep him motivated.  If I have to push a wheelchair and he has to run, he could end up hunkier than Brad Pitt and I will look hot!  Yes, I'm being silly, it's an ATCsForALL joke.  At my age, looking "hot" generally means I am literally dying from the heat, but online I can be as young as I feel!  Right?!

Check out Scott's blog and help me cheer him on (or crack your own whip - whickaaaaaa!).   *grin*

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