September 5, 2008

Hurrican Gustav

Hurricane Gustav hit Alexandria, LA with a vengeance, with the eye of the storm going right over us. Luckily, my sister agreed to stay an extra week in anticipation of the hurricane and was a huge help, not only with getting the aftermath cleaned up outside, but keeping me company and it was a lot more fun than had I been alone.

We were without power for 48 hours straight which could have been worse, some neighborhoods and the outlying areas still are without electricity. Since I didn't lose any trees this time, I still had water and that is a blessing compared to previous storms where I have been without power AND water for several days, now THAT sucks!

It is one month ago today that AC passed, so I plan on keeping myself busy with work cleaning the rest of the yard and packing up some of his clothes to get them out of sight. I find that seeing his things keeps me down in the dumps, so picking up reminders of him around the house helps me cope. Of course I know that putting away his things sounds cold, maybe even mean spirited, but I am realizing I have to go on and do the best I can to maintain an even keel and positive attitude. I have no idea where to put some of this stuff, but keeping myself busy is on my list of "to do's" while I grieve.

I have started a scrapbook of his accomplishments, pictures, newspaper articles, and think it will be a first step in getting back to my art. It is almost mindless, yet I am hoping that playing with color and picking out paper and doo-dads will chase my artistic muse out of hiding.

Mail is still very important to me. Every day I look with anticipation for cards and notes that donations have been made to Scott's donation site. There is something about opening mail that is personal, almost joyful and is very uplifting. I have no idea how to thank everyone for spending the time to write notes, mail ATC's and goodies to me, but I will figure out a way.

You all are so dear to me, thank you for your wonderful and comforting comments, it really brightens up my day.


Outstanding Stranger said...

Hi Lisa, I was so sorry to hear about your husband..I have been meaning to send you a card since I heard the news over at AFA. My heart felt prayers are with you during this very difficult time. Hugs, Diane

Joy said...

Thinking of you ~ Much love and hugs.
Joy >i<

Patti said...

My dear friend, Keeping busy is good. You have such a great scence about you. I don't think it is mean spirited or cold that you get AC's things put away. I think what ever it is that is going to make your life more comfortable is what you should be doing. I only wish there were something I could do for you as well. We will meet some day. I just have that feeling. My invite stands.
Love and Light

roc said...

hey lisa. so glad to see a little note on your blog and hear you are coping the best you can. i'm still praying for you and sending you loads of love. love, roc

ArteDar said...

Hey missy....hope you are getting rest, eating and getting out every once in a while....a girls gotta shop, right?
and how is that lil' doggy McGreger?....I miss him heaps and bounds too......get him to do a little dance for me, eh?
Love ya, Dar
oxoxox prayers, blessings and many many angels for you

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