July 25, 2009

Allied Health Building & Conference Room at LSUA Dedicated to A.C. Buchanan, III

My daughter Shannon and I are in the front of the plaque on the Allied Health Education building on Jackson Street downtown Alexandria, Louisiana.  I have to say, it was exciting and felt a little strange to drive down the street and see the signage with AC's name on it for the first time!   It is very humbling to realize that I was married to a man who was loved and respected by so many people in the community and that they wanted him to be remembered for his work in the healthcare field.


I received a letter from Chancellor David P. Manuel PhD. of LSU-A that said in part:
"At the July 16, 2009 meeting of the LSU Board of Supervisors, a special request was made by LSU-A and approved unanimously; the Conference Room (Room 101) of Coughlin Hall on the LSUA campus was renamed the A.C. Buchanan, III Conference Room.  Coughlin Hall is the primary home for the Department of Nursing and the Department of Allied Health.  Thus, it is particularly fitting that we mark A.C.'s legacy on campus by naming a meeting space in this building after him.  This will remind us of his desire that we always pursue high quality healthcare education in Central Louisiana and of his care for the success of LSUA students and faculty."
I am so humbled by their generosity.


Cathy said...

what a wonderful tribute. and i know it must warm your heart as you continually are reminded how much AC touched the community....

Monica24g said...

Nice Post!!! Beautiful family by the way

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